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Family health visits

Health visitors support families and children during pregnancy and up to the age of 5.

Our health visitors are registered nurses or midwives who can support with:

  • feeding
  • safer sleeping
  • minor illnesses
  • immunisations
  • keeping your child safe
  • mental wellbeing

The early years are an important time in children's development. Your health visitor will explain which services are available in Camden and answer any questions.

How it works

You can speak with your health visitor during pregnancy, and you will meet them at key points in your child's development. They will visit you at home or your local Children's Centre & Family Hub.

If you have a question at another time, you can:

Getting to know your baby

After the birth, your health visitor will visit you at home. This visit takes about 30 minutes and can help you get to know and understand your baby.

This visit will look at your baby's:

  • response to sounds, faces and objects
  • physical activity and reflexes
  • sleeping and crying
  • sounds, signals and cues

Safer sleep

Many parents feel anxious about their baby's safety during sleep due to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

This is rare and the risk to your baby is low. Your health visitor will give you advice for safer sleep, such as placing them on their back and keeping them at a comfortable temperature.

Visit the Lullaby Trust website for more advice about safer sleep.

Coping with crying

All babies cry. This can be upsetting and frustrating, but it is a normal way for your child to communicate when they need comfort and care.

Your health visitor is there to help you with any concerns you have. The NHS also has advice for soothing a crying baby.

Your child's development

As your child grows, your health visitor will continue to meet with you regularly. They will give advice on different topics, such as early speech and language development.

Book a child developmental review

When your child turns one and 2 years old, your health visitor will book appointments to check on your baby's growth and development.

If you’d like to book a developmental review yourself, you can:

Appointments can be made for the following locations:

Gospel Oak Health Centre

5 Lismore Circus, NW5 4QF

Hunter Street Health Centre

8 Hunter Street, WC1N 1BN

Belsize Priory Health Centre

172A Belsize Road, NW6 4DX

Kentish Town Health Centre

2 Bartholomew Road, NW5 2BX

Crowndale Health Centre

59 Crowndale Road, NW1 1TN

Kilburn Grange Children's Centre

1 Palmerston Road, NW6 2JL

Harmood Children's Centre

1 Forge Place, NW1 8DQ

Agar Children's Centre

Wrotham Road, NW1 9SU

Regent's Park Children's Centre

Augustus Street, NW1 3TJ

St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre

2 Ossulston Street, NW1 1DF